Serena Kabat-Zinn was born in 1983 and grew up outside of Boston. As a child she spent much of her time drawing and painting. She showed a particular interest in people and human nature. Her current work focuses on people’s struggles, fantasies, pain, love and betrayals. As a teenager, Serena majored in visual art at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Outside of school, she studied painting with the artist Michelle Weber. She then attended the San Francisco Art Institute.  At SFAI, she began painting on large pieces of found wood. This material continues to be seen in her work today. Serena had her first single-artist show for the public in 2009. She lives and paints in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

If you have any questions for Serena or would like to book her for a gallery event, please email the artist through the following address;



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